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DeLaval Twin Vacuum Rubber 7.6/13.2 -25m-(m price)

DeLaval original built to withstand oil, water and detergents

rubber hoses set the standard for high performance. Made of rubber, silicone, TPE and PVC, DeLaval hoses all offer first-class hygiene for milking systems on dairy farms.

DeLaval Twin Hose Rubber 7.6/13.2 -25m-(m price)

SKU: 90844780
  • DeLaval original rubber hoses

    The structure of our milk hoses

    Does not add any flavor to milk

    has been tested and its flat surfaces help ensure effective cleaning. The material complies with food legislation (milk) and

    It has two distinctive orange stripes on it to indicate BfR compliance.

    In addition, many of the main material properties of DeLaval original rubber milk hoses also benefit the vacuum. Pulse hoses, air hoses and “all-in-one”

    triple hose” (including milk and pulse hoses; BfR compliant) is also available in rubber material. All these rubber air/pulse hoses are identified by an orange stripe.

    FDA-compliant, on-roll varieties for the USA and Mexico only are marked with gray stripes to distinguish them from BfR-compliant varieties. There are two gray stripes on the milk tube and one gray strip on the double pulse tube.

    DeLaval original silicone hoses

    Our silicone hoses excel in many ways. DeLaval silicone is the most durable and

    It is among the longest-lasting hoses.


    • Excellent tearing


    • For optimal placement of the head

    high flexibility

    • BfR and FDA food (milk) compliance

    DeLaval silicone tubing is also elastic and flat, easy to handle and easy to wash.

    Try it and discover the DeLaval difference.

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