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DeLaval Milk Filter GW60 620*60mm -White 200 pcs-

DeLaval Milk Filter GW60 620*60mm -White 200 pcs-

SKU: 90577611
  • DeLaval milk filters improve good milking practice

    Milk filtration should not be used to correct poor milking procedures. It is a complementary procedure to protect milking and cooling equipment and improve milk quality and value.

    For your safety;

    DeLaval milk filters have food contact approval, meaning they are safe to come into contact with food.

    DeLaval milk filters maintain the efficiency of your refrigeration equipment.

    When the milk is filtered before cooling, any residue in the milk is removed before it goes to the plate cooler. The deposit reaching the plate cooler will clog the plates and reduce the heat transfer efficiency by reducing the surface area available for heat exchange.

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