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Our basic fixed cow brush with two separate brushes has a full-action spring for good cow comfort during grooming.



• Durable construction, galvanized steel

• Long-lasting flexible horizontal brush

• Two comfortable brushes together with the movable horizontal brush

• Always ready for use and thus cleaner

contributes to cleaner animals

• Strongly pressed spring around the tube

• Spring, flexible horizontal brush

• High quality spring with maximum number of windings

• Special nylon brushes



• Prevents the spring from loosening

• It is mobile in all directions

• Keeps the brush in proper position and prevents it from turning sideways.


• Long life

• Healthier animals


Technical data:

• In the steel structure, there is one nylon brush on the upper arm and one on the vertical arm.

• Installation height is 130 to 135 cm or approximately 2 cm below cow height.


DeLaval Fixed Brush B2

SKU: 90609990
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