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DeLaval Clover™ Nipple;

DeLaval's new CloverTM liner is the first of its kind. The DeLaval CloverTM liner provides both gentle milking and high performance, unlike other liners that require you to choose between one or the other.


Gentle Milking;

The unique, patent-pending clover-shaped design of the DeLaval CloverTM liner grips the teats tightly but gently throughout milking. This; It ensures that the liner stays in the correct milking position and provides an excellent massage that guarantees your cows will get maximum comfort while milking. DeLaval CloverTM liners provide exceptional relief to the teat skin and tip, helping to increase teat health. Full contact and grip of the liner results in less slippage and fast and full milk output.


High performance

Like all DeLaval liners, the CloverTM liner is designed to provide the highest performance. Trials have shown that DeLaval CloverTM liners milk faster, achieve higher yields, and milk more fully than triangular liners.

DeLaval CloverTM liners also achieve lower and constant muzzle chamber vacuum. This; DeLaval CloverTM contributes to smooth and fast milking, making the liner the ideal liner for any dairy farm.

DeLaval Clover™ Liner

SKU: 86940780
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