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Calf bucket with 8 liter capacity. It meets the sucking reflex of the calf during feeding and is delivered with a hanging connection.

DeLaval Calf Feeder Bucket

SKU: 97107580
  • Types of calf milk feeders:

    It will give your calves a good start. With the products used for milk or concentrated milk, calves will reach the milk easily and thanks to the teat nipple, a suction very close to the natural sucking behavior will be obtained. Giving calf milk from a feeder where the calf sucks milk from a teat will drastically reduce the calf's undesirable sucking behavior.

    Attach the calf feeder to a wire, wooden or iron rod. Place the calf milk feeder approximately 60 cm above the optimum height for the calf.

    DeLaval Feeding accessories

    Our feeding accessories simplify feeding – helping nature build a strong flock and protecting your most important investment.

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