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The DeLaval cow brush SCB has a unique, patented design:

• Quick and easy to assemble

• Flexible placement on wall or stake • Low energy consumption

• Easy to keep clean

• Suitable for 50-60 cows

• Encourages cow traffic

• Improves animal health and well-being

• Increases the performance of your herd

• Improved thanks to two separate pivot points

grooming angles

• For greater cow and user safety

unique security mechanism

• Proven increase in milk production and clinical

decrease in mastitis


It is designed to improve cow health, comfort and well-being. The rocking cow brush SCB, which starts to rotate on contact, is a revolution in cow care and comfort. Rotating at a cow-friendly speed, the unique brush swings freely in all directions on and on the sides of the cow for all-around comfort.

DeLaval SCB Cow Brush

SKU: 91526242
  • DeLaval cow brush SCB has two applications:

    a) Wall mounting

    b) Pole mount (2”-2.5”, 3”-3.5” and 4”) and 100mm square.

    It is suitable for cattle over one year old and should not be used by animals with hair longer than 3 cm.

    This cow comfort solution includes:

    • Rotation speed 26 rpm 230V, 31 rpm 110V

    • Two sway points, both sides of the inclined arm

    next to one

    • Auto on/off

    • Overload protection

    • Switch for added safety

    • A single brush unit with 17 cm long bristles • Dimensions: 100x50x132 cm

    • Brush diameter: 50 cm

    • Width: 60 cm

    • Weight: 70 kg

    • Power: 0.14 kW

    • Voltage:

    89863516 230 V AC

    89863515 110 V AC

    89863514 230 V AC USA


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