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DeLaval chain scraper;

The management system combines the advantages of a wear-resistant chain with versatile mounting that covers varying track lengths and cross-groove layouts. The drive unit can be mounted in several places in the shelter to handle heavy loads effortlessly.


Efficient work


A low-energy motor, high-load gearbox, chain tensioning device and pocket-type chain sprocket ensure long operation and low maintenance. The system consists of corner wheels, control box, chain and scrapers in addition to the drive unit. The chain can run above the floor or inside the steel floor track.

DeLaval shelter system controller BSC

The barn system controller BSC is an integrated solution for all parts of your manure removal system.

is the controller. Simple, touch control lets you program your manure removal system to fit your specific shelter plan. The ability to control several paths simultaneously and the cow-friendly operating systems and adaptability of your system to varying weather conditions make BSC a reliable assistant for your scraper cleaning solution.


High mounting flexibility


Depending on your shelter plan, choose the type of installation that suits you best. Place the drive unit as a protruding, flat or corner mount.

Two models are available

One has an operating distance of 80 meters and a maximum chain length of 180 meters. The working distance of the other is even longer. It has a maximum operating distance of 140 meters and a maximum chain length of 300 meters.


chain tensioner


The optional automatic clamping system ensures a constant chain tension. The longer the chain, the longer the pneumatic cylinders maintain a constant pressure over the working distance.

DeLaval Chain System Scraper

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