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DeLaval SoftcelTM 6x500paper 1 Pack (6 Rolls)

Paper towel. It is an imported product. DeLaval Pre-milking udder cleaning towel. Its structure is very durable.

Softcel is DeLaval's well-known high-performance breast towel. It is very strong, while being soft for both the teat skin and the farmer's hands, and is absorbent and durable even when wet. Embossments on both sides of pre-cut paper sheets provide better grip and dirt removal. These two-layer blue paper sheets are made from 40% recycled paper, measure 26.5 x 38 cm and weigh 20 - 21.5 g/m2.

DeLaval Softcel Pre-Milking Udder Cleaning Towel

SKU: 92065105
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