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DeLaval milking point MP780

It is produced to give you full control by giving you information about each cow. This superior, modern milking point used for full herd management; can connect with DELPRO™ to ensure that the milker has access to all cow information. You can see and set information such as treatment flags or “separate cow” on the spot. You don't need to go to the management program later and change the status. The DeLaval MP780 provides all the DeLaval MP680 functions and easy cleaning, housed in a stylish, vertical, stainless steel cabinet for worry-free operation. Quiet environment reduces milking stress for cows and milker and allows milking routines to be faster. The DeLaval MP780 is suitable for new assemblies or upgrades to existing parlors and comes pre-assembled for quick and easy assembly with minimal production disruption.

DeLaval MP780

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