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Scrapers have flat blade and V blade options. The flat blades provide a simple and efficient scraper for removing all types of manure and bedding.

Depending on the scraper type, the blades can cover road widths of 1.2 to 5.2 meters. The blades can be adapted to the shelter floor type: concrete, rubber, grating or sloped floors. Made of steel or plastic – plastic blades

They are designed to work better on rubber floors.

Besides cow comfort features, they take your needs into account and conveniently fold and shrink to allow a tractor to pass, for example.

DeLaval Flat blade Wired Scraper System

  • Wired driving system

    DeLaval cable scrapers and drive unit systems are built for long hours of worry-free operation. Thanks to their power and capacity, up to four roads are cleaned effortlessly at the same time.

    Thanks to the highly efficient direct power transmission of the drive system, power consumption, maintenance and associated costs are minimal. A cable pulls the stripper straight back and forth.

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